For over 30 years, A&B Construction has helped provide essential civil engineering services to help build Northern California into what it is today.

With our unpromising commitment to health and safety to our employees and subcontractors, our clients, and our entire city, we are proud to say that we will continue to be part of their beautiful community in the future as we continue to grow and expand.

By providing exemplary leadership, we continually improve our process to promote comprehensive safety for all our employees to follow.

With everyone playing their role, safety is the responsibility of all of us, as we integrate health and safety into our everyday work.

We believe that safety is vital in connecting our community and us, and that is why we take it deeply personally because the choices we today make will affect millions.

So as dedicated we are to growing with Northern California, so we are to doing it safely, so we can all be here to behold our growth and enjoy our creations.

We want each and every one of our working men and women to go home in the same condition they arrived in. Our Safety department strives to make sure of this every day by supplying Weekly Safety Minutes, providing required and ongoing training, and visiting job sites regularly—encouraging safe work practices.