Safety Starting With Me

Our employees are our greatest asset. We rely on our experienced workforce to deliver high-quality services, while maintaining safe working conditions. We believe each worker must be empowered and accountable to STOP WORK if they are unable to complete their work in a safe manner. We are committed to ensuring all of our employees go home each day, safely, at every level. We have and will continue to strengthen our safety culture by providing a sustainable future that starts on an individual level of
“Safety Starting With Me.”

Environmental Health & Safety coincides with the level of quality, schedule, and budget provided; we are committed to continuous improvement and communication.

New Employee Safety Program

Our new employees are provided a green hard hat to wear for the first three months of their employment. This program was implemented for ease of identifying a new, or less experienced, employee on the job. New employees are now more recognizable to ensure the correct guidance is provided to prevent an accident that could lead to an injury.